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released September 24, 2010



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terror spells Pickering, Ontario

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Track Name: doomtrain
conjurers reciting incantations
cryptic verse read from ancient tomes
summoning unholy power
to sever souls from flesh and bone
tremors shake the ground beneath
as blackness shrouds the sky above
devourer lives once again
to push mere mortals into oblivion

poison and plague will fill the air
as this machine grows closer

the closing sound of grinding steel
will strike fear in the hearts of all

make way for curse and death abound
as you reach out for saviors that don't exist

tremble as the pestilence grips you
and tears blood straight from veins
the pain will be none that you've felt before
stare into the eye of the monster
and take in its blinding gaze
the fiend of legend
the savage contraption
it will destroy us all

harbinger - consume my soul
Track Name: shit puppets
we must amount to something
we stand for what is righteous
we stand for something more
take back this town from the rotting corpses
fight on, through hoards of undead soldiers
it takes a lot to survive out here.
hold on, i cant stand going out there.
it smells like lies and it tastes like shit

seething monsters reach for your barely beating heart.
save yourself for once
i'm sick of "i told you so" and "didn't i say"
their putrid hands will grasp you, disease will course in to your veins

since when did the undead get such nice suits?
you can barely tell the difference

push through all bullshit, get to what is true.
take back whats yours, and don't ever let it go

don't ever tell me that there was nothing you could do.
you've made your fucking choice.
now we watch you turn.

take grace in knowing that, in knowing that your choices aren't your own anymore.

don't waste your time trying to convince me that you're worth mine.
Track Name: belly of the beast
i heard him say he had the truth, the antidote, the end all be all.
would get us out of this mess, and lead us to blissful happiness.

so i followed him through thick and through thin, i stuck by him.
eventually he led me to the tallest high rise.
as we stand in the swirling winds I look at him as he says
"go ahead and jump on in."

and then, before i could think, i was shoved off of the edge.
what the...

falling to a certain death,
i feel the wind rushing past.
i know the concrete below will break
but not enough to save me.

clear as day i heard him shout, "look and you'll see what i'm talking about."
as we pass the rancid smog I see the filth amidst the mob.
it's then that i can realize that it doesn't matter.
blissful happiness doesn't exist.
subsequently, we're all fucked.
Track Name: lets get ready, switch me on
this is where we start to run and scream in a wide spread panic
it grabs and chokes the person next to you into following suit
next thing you know, a sea of bodies are clawing at each others eyes
and they don't even know why.

it festers and grows as each limb forms into one of his own.
it drinks up your blood, loving the taste in every gulp.
how strong is your will to live?
how long until you succumb to the death grip harvester of your fears?

i see you running, you're running so hard and so fast.
but your breath is already so heavy, you're never gonna last.

you duck and cover as the omniscient shadow approaches your very being.

you're miles ahead but only inches away from certain death.
screaming for help is useless now and you are powerless against the threat.
it has taken everything from your mind and soul, you are but a bag of flesh.

not a martyr.
not a tragedy.

you're just another poor sap that fell into his open cavity.
as you swim in his bile and filth it is as if the tide is drawing out
you are pushed deeper into darkness, and closer to the known.

chewed up and spit out.
missing limbs and torn about.
Track Name: seein' nines
i just want to throw a brick into the face of humility
laugh it off cause life is too short to spend dwelling on out dated substances
cause we're all so out dated and diminished
i'm gonna be sick
breathing fire and cutting so slick.

puking up a portrait that shows more truth than any word you have ever spoken
talking about a mythical dragon
where are you going with this?
keep dragging on keep dragging on keep dragging on keep dragging on and on
until the day you die.
until your throat's ripped out.
until the day you die.
until your eyes are crossed out.

in the end all i can say is that i don't think of you as someone to be remembered
more of the funny video of the day to show your friends and laugh with
how could you spill so much verbal diarrhea and expect to be taken seriously

more than a line and more than a footprint
pecking at your tombstone
you are modesty.
i am restless.