by terror spells

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released October 18, 2011

recorded by chris calder
mixed by chris calder
mastered by greg dawson
additional vocals on tectonic plate bomb by james yigitoz
additional vocals on the great destroyer I by mike parsram
additional vocals on the threat they fear by michael burton
group vocals by jonny teigesser, mike parsram, matt campbell, dan east, julian herrera and terror spells
cover artwork by kris chaput



all rights reserved


terror spells Pickering, Ontario

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i cut deep into your back, the blade sinks into flesh until it is consumed up to the hilt / with a great twist and a violent pull a gaping hole of fresh blood and torn muscle is left as the after math of mine own action / your reaction; not so much as a wince of pain or a bat of an eyelash - just an ice cold shoulder / when i look into their eyes it's pure blackness / i cannot see their eyes because they no longer see me / cut my own eyes out because I don't want to see myself; so much self-loathing / i can't breathe and hatred fills my veins / too late to free myself from this curse / i'm not who i thought i'd be
spines are the brittle sticks we break off of branches to start a fire / send out a SOS and let 'em know when they get here we don't need to be saved / but we will take their necessities / cutting off the hands they use to pray because we heard more hands make lighter work / thousands of digits stored in glass jars, yeah they might look pretty, but the work is just as hard - just as dirty / thousands of bodies - piles on top of piles and it's never ending / piles on top of piles and it's never ending / and if you stare at them long enough it is as if they're moving and talking / plotting against you / drown out the eyes and squeeze out every ounce of guilt like a wet towel hanging up to dry in a thunderstorm / "the end will justify the means" is my only lullaby and without it i would surely die / next to my morals is where the corpses lie. 
driven into the ground, past the rock, through the crust, and a hundred miles later it rests just above the asthenosphere waiting for the perp to press the big red button / one flawed man's decision will change our lives - he breaks a sweat as he presses down and seals the fate of many a' man, woman, and children losing some sleep as thousands lose their lives / the lithosphere cracks and rips apart / city streets and buildings above get torn like a carcass in the jaws of a beast / magma erupts from the man-made hell gates, while lava seers and cooks your flesh / a once safe, bustling metropolis reduced to a mass death sentence for the guilty and the innocent / you can't run away as your fear is burned into your face / a modern day, man-made pompeii vs. mount vesuvius - no one stood a chance [still you try to run. you fight and you claw to get out of the way] but all attempts are ill at best and you’re still as dead as yesterday / the ash fills up lungs - your casket: the lava that hardens around your terrified body
Track Name: REVERIE
all the numbers and all the letters are backwards or upside down, but i've never paid attention / i see strangers faces for the very first time but some are so similar I could mistake them for another individual i know / familiar faces / familiar faces are quick the fixes from the mind when they're rushed to make a passer-by / we're all predisposed to interact with the ones we do and the ones we don't die off as soon as they're out of sight / i grip tight to the thought that i'll wake up a higher being surrounded by such so enlightened that we don't make such a foolish species / until then it's just the panicked breathed, heart tearing, soul destroying humanity i've come to know / i clutch to my sanity by storing daggers in my eyes / both eyes blind to the hate that surrounds and still i feel it boiling in me / this human nature is on self-destruct / be a dream
when the breathing gets too heavy - hearing my own panting as if someone is screaming such a subtle yet sharp tone into my ear / that's when the time to persist becomes most important / as blood fills my mouth my inhibitions fly out with each spattered spit on the floor and they become trapped forever inside the coagulation / my teeth brown and darken - becoming so brittle they break every time they clang together as i attempt to chew my hate-filled words back into the pit of my stomach / my serpent tongue pushes itself down into my throat and i vomit the bile held within the contents of my own rage / the blackness bubbles up and spits back into my face as i am kneeled over and onto the floor / covered in my own loathing i attack it with coarse consonants and vowels strung together / hands made of spite made into fists turned into revenge / but i'll write this and feel much better - my sick therapy
Track Name: 40 - LOVE
pain is real and relates to us all / from the birth of a newborn first child to watching a loved one die before your eyes / it comes around full circle and it's nothing new - just varying degrees / like a sonic wave flowing up and down and repeating into the infinite space we've yet to come across / you can play the mental game or you can pick the physical bouts but with a crocodiles hide your offence renders pathetic / tie my hands behind my back because i won't need them to bring you down / you're so insecure I could use your own words to drag you to tears / it's no competition [when you can't bring a defence] you're target practice / my own words will cut through flesh and rest into your fucking heart / i look forward to the day that my words end your life / broken, but just a useless as before
we throw ourselves under a blanket and think it will save us from the monsters / out of sight, out of mind - playing dead is our lives defined / who will save us? / we will all die nowhere close to the finish line in a race that turns us from the swine to something sublime / here - it's lord of the flies / where all hope dies/died / cast the first stone looking in the other direction and it becomes an unstoppable force / It travels with infinite indirect hate the world over / he perfect embodiment of the human spirit / to live and let die and continue roaming our self-claimed rock
lives grow on stalks and are as easy to pick as the corn it mocks / "now listen and heed the warning" - a hoarse revolting noise comes at us to fill our ears and hit us with the force of waves gone rogue / and through the coarseness it speaks... "the everyday life will come to an end, and the endless suffering is to begin" / since born it has lacked the essence of an unknowing child / all that began was the hunger of a malnourished, beaten dog / as the neglecting owner you have allowed yourselves to come close enough to such a creature that with its wincing strength it has wrapped its jagged jaw around your neck / it proceeds to cut you and bleed you out / the ominous being spits out lightning and coughs up loud thunder cracks - they seem to shake the earth straight to the core / it is then that we realize the higher being has been uprooted and destroyed by a sinister being / "you cannot run and there is nothing i can do" / no complete silence has ever been so deafening
the black clouds disguising the voice dissipate and all that remains is the blue sky / cars still drive - just as the construction continues to persist but still everything remains noiseless / the blue sky begins to fade into a grey then darken to a blackness / then from nowhere explosions light up the sky with light so bright you dare look at them with the naked eye / just as quickly as the burst of lights itself - millions of bony, decrepit arms appear through the torn holes of empty space and begin crashing through the sternums of any and every form of life / with the ability to reach as far as the horizon - no man is safe, no woman is safe, no child innocent / the almighty destroyer was brought upon us solely by our own means / we have no excuse and everything that comes our way we deserve
in such a deprived state of sleep the delirium kicks in / and like a foot through antique glass a part of me breaks open from the wound spills the wretchedness one can only try to keep buried six feet beneath their surface / like a flooded valley those unspeakables always find a way out of the deep and into the eyes and ears of unwary onlookers / keeping a close line of sight for their safety - for you are the threat they fear / and like a bursting dam the maddening rush of horror begins and illustrious flowing hatred and sadness crashes through the streets uninvited - unintended / now the untamed emotions leech onto the faces of the ones I hold dear / feel this fucking pain and know it is but a fraction - a scratch of the surface from a beast dwelling in me that you all feed / it will strip meat from bone - the threat they fear / steal the screams from your lungs - the threat they fear / and devour what little conscience we collectively have